曾哥二肖中特 www.hjzxv.icu 陜西航空產業發展集團有限公司(簡稱“陜航集團”)成立于2014年6月,注冊資本30億元,由陜西能源集團有限公司、陜西金融控股集團有限公司、西安投資控股有限公司共同出資組建。陜航集團的成立是陜西省委、省政府為深度參與國家航空產業重大項目,促進我省產業結構調整與經濟轉型升級而做出的重大決策。

Shaanxi Aviation Industry Development Corporation (or simply “SAIDC”) was jointly founded by Shaanxi Energy Group Co., LTD., Shaanxi Financial Holding Group, and Xi’an Investment Holding Co., LTD.in June, 2014, with registered capital of 3 billion Yuan. It is the establishment of SAIDG that is an important decision made by Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and provincial government with a goal of deeply involving in some significant national aviation industry projects and promoting the industrial restructuring and the economic transformation upgrading in Shaanxi province.
SAIDC works as the platform for developing aviation manufacturing and service industries in Shaanxi province as well as the supporter for the intensified cooperation with Aviation Industry Corporation of China and its affiliated companies. Moreover, SAIDC actively expands investment and operates businessin the aviation industry and related fields. It takes the capital as the tie, takes a market-oriented policy and takes the enterprises as the main part to implement and guide the development of aviation industry strategic investment and the cooperation of key projects. It also attempts to enhance the industrialization development of various sectors such as high-end manufacturing, new technological, new material, information technology, air transportation and finance, etc. In this way, it can collect andchannel financial capital and social funds to the aviation industry.
Aiming at continuing growing and becoming stronger, SAIDC constantly integrates and optimizes the industrial resources of Shaanxi aviation sector. It brings forth new ideas in operation mechanism, supports the development of industrial parks, and promotes cooperation with aviation corporations home and abroad. Furthermore, it facilitates the scale and cluster of the industry, striving for making aviation industry become a new pillar industry and a new economic growth point of Shaanxi province, which contributes effectively to the sustained, rapid and sound development of industrial economy in Shaanxi province.
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